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Re: Squareback versus Ghia? Bad craziness

Hey man, its cool to be square.
I have been into VW's for 7 years now (that's 
a lot considering I'm only 24, heh) and I've owned
5 bugs, 3 Ghia's, a van and now three Type III's, and
many many more if you count all of my friends that
I helped keep running over the years, and out of all 
of those cars, I like my little blue '71 squareback (that
I yet to drive since I'm working on it now) the most.  I was
talking to my dad today, and he came to my house 
for the first time to see my TIII's.  He asked me why you 
don't see more of those, and he can't remember the last
time he has seen one on the road.  And I told him, to own
a bug is good cheap (yet constantly working on it) transportation
that everyone likes, but to own a TIII is a labor of love since
they aren't cheap, and aren't easy to get parts for like 
their cousin's the bugs and ghia's.  So I say, if you're 
square you're cool.

Well, that's just my opinion,
Charles Mowrey
3 Karmann Ghia's (For sale), 2 Squarebacks,
1 Fastback, 1 Bug, 1 1941 Chevy, and 
1 REALLY understanding wife.

Please visit my website 

> From: Martin Peitz <peitz@HiWAAY.net>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: Squareback versus Ghia? Bad crazyness
> Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 10:28 PM
> Yesterday I looked at a 71 Karmann Ghia for sale.
> First owner.
> org. 46tmls
> first paint
> no rust 
> no accidents
> org. A/C
> perfect chrome
> The second most perfect one I ever saw (not counting the NOS ones I have
> seen stashed away).
> The price was not cheap but definitely ok.
> You can not restore a car to that condition. Especially the Ghia is
> difficult.
> So what has that got to do with the type III?
> When I was looking at the Ghia I thought to myself: "I wish it were a
> Squareback".
> I'd buy it. For the same money. 
> This is stupid of course. Type III's are worth not nearly as much as
> Ghias.
> But when I restore my 69 Squareback (very good CA car) I will put nearly
> as much money into it (I am a perfectionist).
> So I am hunting for that perfect Squareback that may need new rubbers or
> mechanical work, but no real restauration.
> I am dreaming of that 68-69 Square with auto tranny.
> Does anybody have a lead? Got one stashed away?
> Your dealer still has an unsold one in the showroom?
> Ghias just don't do it for me. Too avantgarde.
> I'm square, so give me one.
> Martin

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