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Re: Trigger contacts cleaning?

> In the persuit of getting my engine to run smooth again, I have arrived at
> this next logical step: Cleaning the trigger contacts, something I hoped to
> avoid because I dunno nothing about it and Bently and Muir dont say a whole
> lot about it either. So my question is; do I have to take the dist. out to get
> at'em ?

Yes, you have to remove the distributor.  So that means you have to 
reset the ignition timing when you're finished.

....and when I finally get the trigger contacts out what exactly do I
> have to clean? are they more or less like the points? is WD40 ok for cleaning,
> or should I use alkohol ?.

Either would be fine, just leave them dry when you're done.  I use a 
clean piece of cardboard from a cereal box or a business card to drag 
between the points to burnish them clean.  DO NOT file them, but make 
sure not to leave bits of fiber behind which might keep the points 
from touching and making contact.

OTOH, there is probably no reason for you to do any of this.  It is 
not a general maintenance thing.  In general I only do it if the car 
stops because some piece of dirt has fallen into one of the points, 
or if I am rebuilding an engine and I want to rebuild the dist at the 
same time.

When I rebuild a distributor, I take it completely apart and clean 
everything to remove any dirt that might just be waiting to fall into 
my points and to make sure all my advance mechanisms are working and 
well lubricated.  Frozen mechanical advances and broken vacuum 
advances are very common problems on these cars.

Rebuilding a dist is not a job for a beginner.  You have to have the 
tools to get it apart and back together without damaging anything, as 
well as the parts to replace those that are shot.  I charge $50 plus 
parts for a rebuild, add an extra $50 if you want it extra spiffed up 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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