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Re: $20,000 Squareback for sale

I know it sounds absurd to that much  $$$ for a 73 square but think for a
min. We all would spend that much if we did all that to our cars. You gotta
figure The purchace price , which he probably paid too much for in the first
place,  The cost of having somebody compleatly take it apart, buy all new
for it. The motor and trans-axl probably ran him around $2500, all the
rubber, new front end, new brakes , The roadkill, The unnessary cabintry,
The radio and CD player , basicly everthing , awhole new car with AC and a
totaly rust free body.

 I think that if he was planning to sell this all the while he should had
'restored' with less accessories like the $500 radio or the Cd player or the
road kill or two batterys or recarros or the steering wheel or the consol.
What he likes other people may not.
  I think that he will sell it one day,  most likely to a northerner, hell
if some one will offer benny( a guy I know in minnasota) $7000 for his
solid, good running, unrestored,faded paint,with a crappy sterio 1974 super
beetle ( he only paid $1600 for it here in St. Pete  Fl.) ,  someone will
give this guy what he wants.

just my .03

--------------------Bryan     Henryvw@ij.net

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From: Leland Gray <grayda@erols.com>
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Date: Friday, July 24, 1998 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: $12,950 Squareback for sale

>That is a very impressive car..  If I had an extra 20 grand to throw
>away, I'd buy it....
>RJ Latherow wrote:
>> Lets all not forget about
>> http://www.knowitallproductions.com/vw/forsale.htm
>> I've seen her, talked to the owner.  Nice guy.  Sweet car.  $20,000
>> tho??????
>> -rj
>> >

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