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Addendum to my clutch cable post...

Just so there are no more misunderstandings about this one, I worded the
question about my clutch unclearly earlier.

What I said was:

<<Question 2:  In a slightly different topic, I also noticed that even when
had the clutch pedal all the way down, I still couldn't shift down until I
was in the right speed range (e.g. slowing down from 4th to a stop sign; if
I tried to shift into first before the speed went under 10, the car
sputtered and jerked).  Dave thought he'd heard once that in VWs the clutch
shouldn't be pushed all the way down... is this true?  Is this a sign of a
loose clutch cable?>>

What I meant was not that I'm shifting from 4th to 3rd while driving.
Since I'm having a lot of trouble finding 1st, I was starting to try to
find it _with the clutch pedal fully depressed_ as soon as I began to brake
to slow down for a stoplight or turn signal so that (hopefully) I could
find first in time to start the car in a reasonable amount of time.  (Twice
I had to sit there struggling with it while the cars behind me became more
and more impatient.  Not fun.)  My understanding of clutches is that with
the pedal pushed to the floor, I should be able to shift anywhere as long
as I'm in the right gear when I release the clutch pedal to start
accelerating again.

Hoping that helps...


1972 Bright Orange Square

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