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Re: new piston kit ( forgot something)

> 1st  I was told to clean it with carb cleaner but why cant I just use gunk
> or WD-40

I think Berg recommends cleaning with Comet Cleanser and then washing 
VERY carefully and lightly oiling.
> 2nd  I was told " buy not oiling you rings when you install them you will
> cut your break in time.  The pistons will get enough oil when you put the
> heads on. After you got your heads on and valves adjusted poke a hole in a
> oil bottle and squirt half the bottle over the valves and rocker arms this
> will give enough oil to your rings. "   To me this sounds like a load of
> bull. I think I should lightly oil the rings when I assemble them am I right
> ????

I always lightly oil everything in the hope that there is a 
difference between breaking in and wearing out.

> I forgot to ask can I just slip the piston out far enough and not oil or
> clean if ???? ( I wanna ask so if I can get away with not renting a ring
> compressor )

I agree that this sounds tempting, but I never tried it and it just  
might not work.  If you don't  pull the pistons out it will be hard 
to rotate the piston to the right angle, impossible to clean the 
cylinder, and impossible to put the ring gaps in the right places.

You can BUY the right kind of ring compressor for $10-15.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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