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Re: Mis-aligned shift rod?

> Shifting
Your shifter could be misaligned.  I've had good luck with this
method:  Pull up the shift boot and loosen the bolts just enough so
when you move the shifter, you see the base moving.  Slap the shifter
into 2nd gear, then tighten it up.  Shifting should be improved,
hopefully.  Minor adjustment may be necessary.

> Clutch
How much play is there in the pedal?  I think it's supposed to be like
1/2" before you feel resistance in the pedal but check the repair
manual for the exact distance.  I don't understand why you are
shifting from 4th to 1st gear, sounds weird...

> Accelerator cable
Which end popped off?  I'll assume the front and say maybe it's bent
weird?  It usually has an 'S' shaped end that slips through the pedal.
I'm not sure what you mean by wound tight, the cable is made up of
smaller wires all wound together tightly, which is normal.  If it's
twisted somehow, that is bad and it will break.  You'll have to put in
your spare accelerator cable that you always keep in the trunk, right
next to your spare clutch cable, fan belt, and ignition parts, maybe
kept in the bottom of your traveling toolbox with your "traveling
copy" of a Type 3 repair manual? :)

No Type 3, but there's always that '62 Sunroof Notch I know about...

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