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Re: Cool tins?

I need the tin that goes around the oil radiator some how!

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On Sun, 19 Jul 1998 01:29:41 -0600 "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
>> EduardoG=> Can someone explain what they are, and assuming they are 
>>         => good thing, can they be retrofitted to a '67?
>> They go up between the pushrod tubes and the cylinders, replacing 
>> stock flat tin, to shape airflow more tightly around the bottoms of 
>> cylinders. I've yet to see anyone show them to be harmful, and many 
>> report good results, so many that they are pretty much standard on 
>> rebuilds here in Arizona. They'll fit your '67 (and any other year) 
>> fine. Wire them onto the cylinders after you've set the jugs and 
>> you put on the heads. Buy black, not chrome.
>Okay, let me explain this a bit more.  In 71 VW introduced a 
>different kind of under cylinder air deflector on the T3s only.  
>These have come to be called "Cool Tins" because they are thought to 
>provide better cooling.  I suspect this is true, but I have no data.  
>I am, however, willing to believe that VW did not do this for no 
>reason, so I believe there must have been a reason, even a good 
>reason.  So let us accept the fact that they are a good thing.
>At the same time that the cool tins were introduced, the lower 
>cylinder cover plates (both sides) and the lower rear air deflector 
>plates were both changed to clear the new, larger cool tins.  If you 
>try to install the cool tins using any of the old style lower 
>deflector plates you will find that in several places you now have 
>two pieces of metal both determined to occupy the same space.  Since 
>this is impossible, you cannot mount this collection of parts in 
>quite the desired position, and it is thus impossible to know how 
>close you have come to meeting or exceeding the cooling of even the 
>old style of cooling plates.
>I use the cool tins on most of the engines I build, but I usually 
>start with a late (70-) engine and case, and replace the necessary 
>parts to come up with the 71- arrangement.  I can do this only 
>because I have lots of parts around from having disassembled lots of 
>engines.  When assembled with the correct parts, everything fits 
>without interference, and nothing needs to be wired into place.
>If you are just trying to give new life to an old engine, however, I 
>see no reason not to just use ALL the old cooling tin and forget the 
>cool tin.  That having been said, I have a brand new OEM set of cool 
>tins that I would be willing to sell for whatever the current market 
>price is, if anyone is still interested.
>Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
>Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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