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RE: Brasilia

2 type 1's in my area with Mazda rotory 13b motors in them.  Talk about a
whining bug!  Actually they are well designed and built.  I didn't think
that they were going to last the summer due to heat problems, but the fans
installed with the radiator apparently are doing there job.

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	You should see this Type 1 Scirocco that is up here in Elizabethtown
	Ohio. It has a 2100+cc engine in it and its a real inside out
	body nicely done on a hardcore Type 1 frame. Its made for offroad

	>From Chris Swafford:www.geocities.com/motorcity/garage/4265/
	537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
	71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer
	73'Squareback (More than solid)Rear end hell! Any Suggestions?
	68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!

	>I saw the rabbit body on a T1 chassis in Wisconsin and then several

	>of the T3 and T4 varieties in 1986 in and around Buenos Aires when
	>was there for 2 months.  I also saw a very nice T34 just down the 
	>street from my hotel in Buenos Aires; beautiful condition,
	>well loved.

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