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n the road again...

> Alright!  We gotta get more Bright Orange Squares on the road!

As I may have posted unsucessfully earlier in the week, there is an 
orange squareback in Levittown PA forsale, definitely road worthy, would 
love to see someone get it that really appreciates it.  On Edgely road 
near route 13 to be specific, $1100.00 too. (I'm not selling it)

> I pulled into a gas station last week.  The attendant (claimed to be 20
> years old) asked me what my license plate meant (VW SQBK) and he asked
> if it was a Volvo.  After cramming my hand in my pocket instead of his
> face (just kidding :) I told him it was a VW (like the plates say)
> Squareback.  He had *never* seen one before.

Yeah, when I took my friends to go see it they never seen one before 
either.  Even my fellow Thinger Ed never seen one before!

1974 VW Thing at http://www.getty.net/thing not quite a daily driver...
1981 VW Jetta Diesel (reciently put to sleep forever at 179,980 miles)
1984 VW Jetta GLI running great at 145,600 miles so far...

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