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On the road again...

My baby drove down the street last night!!!!!!  For the first time since
the night I bought her, over a month ago now, I had her running well enough
to feel confident bringing her out onto the road...  We started out slowly,
then jumped on a nearby small highway and went about half a mile to put
some gas in the tank before she ran out... filled up the tires...  8)  I
was grinning from ear to ear when I went in to pay for my gas, and the
attendants were clustered around wanting to know what kind of car she
was... 8)  Life is good!!!

Now I've just got to get the headlights working... and the turn signals...
and the indicator lights on the dash... and put a rear seat in... and
replace most of the rubber seals... and get rid of the rust... but SHE'S

8)  Had to share my excitement--I'm sure almost all of you can remember
what this moment feels like!  After work tonight I'm going to go fetch her
from the parking lot behind my friend's apartment where she's been living
and bring her into town to stay with me!  8)  No more hour-and-a-half bus
rides to go work on her in the evenings...

Spreading glow and happiness...


Meghan Kennedy mekennedy@stkate.edu
St. Paul, Minnesota

1972 Bright Orange Square

Now, has anyone out there rewired and re-rubbered a late bus engine after a
fire?  Feel like sharing advice?  Let me know!

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