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Re: Wiring in fusebox...

MeghanK=> The diagrams only help to a point.  I'm still struggling to 
=> understand exactly what's providing power to where and how they are 
=> all linked.

Think of it as a meditative discipline, never fully within the grasp of 
an ordinary human. ;)

=> Fuse #7 and Fuse #8 have only one peg apiece, and from the diagram 
=> I'm fairly certain they should have two.  

Just to be sure, does "peg" refer to a fuse contact (front) or a wiring 
point (back)? If there are missing fuse contacts, replace the block. 
If otherwise, several power input points normally have multiple fuses 
and output points, so look closely. 

Here's a sketch of a late 12-fuse block and its wiring points (I don't 
know how many styles were used, so yours may be different). Imagine 
you've taken out the screws and pulled the block down by its mounting 
lugs. Now you're looking at the back, with the lugs at the bottom of the 
diagram. Left is still left. Each 'H' is a wiring point.

     H               H       <- These are additional "branched" outputs.
Out  H H H H H H H H H H H H 
     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 
In   H== H== H== H H=H H=H=H
       |__|           |__|

1 & 2 = parking/taillights
3 & 4 = low beams
5 & 6 = high beams
7     = side markers
8 & 9 = key-off power
10-12 = key-on power

=> Is it possible to get replacement fuse boxes?  

I find them once in a while at swap meets. The repro suppliers don't 
have anything for T3s, so don't bother. Besides, used ones are fine as 
long as they're complete (the mounting lugs often crack). Jim Adney 
probably has a box of them ....

=> How much of a hassle is this to reinstall?  

Unless you've got something rusted together (like I did), it's just two 
screws holding the fuse block in and keeping your wires sorted. 

You've already done an inventory of the wires, so you're more than 
halfway there. If you know which is which, you can repair the connectors 
that need it and just reinstall the wires according to your diagram, 
testing function as you go. The fuse block is pretty easy. The tricky 
bit is the steering column harness, since the diagrams often don't 
detail those connections. You want to make sure those sets of wires 
don't get mixed up.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KGhia 1600

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