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Re: #3 & #4 run HOT!!!

Probably your cooling tin over your oil radiator is gone and you dont
know it. I just wonder is the whole thing exposed? I was just wondering.
My 73 was butchered this way because someone was to impatient to change
the oil cooler and do it right.

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On Thu, 16 Jul 1998 12:32:12 -0400 Gurrola_J <Gurrola_J@BLS.GOV> writes:
>A funny thing I noticed yesterday when I was tuning my recetly rebuilt
>carbs was that the drivers side of the engine was running real HOT 
>the right side was cool.  I mean a BIG difference.  I touched the
>manifold on the right carb and it was cool to the touch even thought 
>engine was at operating temp.  WHile the left side manifold (and the 
>whole left side) was very hot, so hot that it started to smoke.  I 
>it off and let cool.  waited an hour or so.  Started her again and 
>10 minutes later it did the same thing.  It was so hot, I could not 
>keep my arm in the left side to turn the idle and volume control 
>for more than a few seconds at a time.  I have never experinece this
>with any other aircooled engine.
>I the ignition system is all new running 009, new cap, rotor, wires,
>plugs, points, etc.  I checked the gap on all plugs, points and also 
>valve lash.   There is minor exhaust leak where the muffler mates to 
>header.   It hasn't been driven on the road hardly cuz I'm in the
>process of restoring it back to a the daily driver it was.  One other
>thing I noticed that it hadn't doen before was white smoke now appears
>from the tail pipe.  
>I'm planning to do a compression check.  I'm guessing that it might 
>rings or some sort of top end type of problem.   ANy other guesses?  
>would one side run so cool and the other so hot?  Has anyone else
>expreince these sort of problems?

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