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Wiring in fusebox...

Greetings to all!  I am trying to straighten up the mess the PO made of my
wiring in my squareback.

Some of the wires are (amazingly!) still where the wiring diagram shows
them, but the majority are spliced, twisted, and moved around enough that I
had to trace each wire from beginning to end to figure out what everything
was.  I think I've completed that part, now--found lots of interesting
modifications, such as the headlights spliced to the ignition switch wiring
to bypass the lighting switch when it broke; the speaker wire used to
provide power to the turn signal flasher (apparently he ran out of fuse

But to get to the point, I know what the wires are, and how they are now...
and from the diagram in my Haynes I can see how they might have been
originally... but I have two problems:

1)  The diagrams only help to a point.  I'm still struggling to understand
exactly what's providing power to where and how they are all linked.


2)  It looks like at least two of the pegs are broken off of the
fusebox--at least, Fuse #7 and Fuse #8 have only one peg apiece, and from
the diagram I'm fairly certain they should have two.  Is it possible to get
replacement fuse boxes?  How much of a hassle is this to reinstall?  I've
never seen a procedure anywhere detailing how to do it.

If there is anyone (or more than one!) out there who would like to help me
from their own experience, please let me know--I typed up a table showing
what wires are on what fuses right now; I could e-mail this as an
attachment out to anyone who is interested.  8)

Thanks for being there to support learners like me!


Meghan Kennedy
St. Paul, Minnesota

1972 Bright Orange Variant  (no name, yet...)

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