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Door seals (Re: A few questions)

On Sat, 18 Jul 1998 00:08:15 +0000, you wrote:

>I've been subscribing for a little over a month now and have picked 
>up some good ideas from you guys. Thanks for the info. I have a 
>few things I am wondering about. I have a 67 fastback basket case I 
>am trying to get on the road. Nothing fancy (she is my first) just 
>dependable. Will the steering column from a 68 interchange and how 
>hard is it to swap? Looks like the collapsable(sp) section at the 
>bottom has to come off, does it?  Also, about every piece of rubber 
>on the car is shot.  I plan on buying the window rubber from WCM and 
>maybe the hood and hatch seals too. Is there any way to avoid $125 
>each for door seals. Does anyone know any way to substitute another 
>type seal or am I stuck with the remnants I have on my doors now? 
>Thanks in advance for your help.

This is about the only rubber part that is still available new from vw
agents here in France, I guess it's available in Germany too. The cost is a
bit less than 500 FF i.e. about 80$ incl. vat (20.6% !).

I've seen T3 that use newer French car door seals instead of the original
ones. I've been told to look for Citroen BX or Renault 9 or 11 door seals
(sorry if that does not help you a lot, try Japanese or Germann cars). I'll
try to describe the piece so you may have a look for something similar:

It replaces the long black plastic/vinyl/? piece that "clips" on the frame
along the door opening on the car's body. This part also maintains the
carpet and headliner along the door opening.

On some newer cars a similar item comes with a sort of rubber tube glued to
it that makes the seal with the door. I've been told it seals quite well
the door, and it's cheap. 

I still have to find time to look for that tuff and will keep the list
informed  on how it works.


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