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Michigan Bug-Out, 7/26 (Sunday!)

Hey there everyone, 

	The annual Milan, Michigan Bug-Out is this Sunday, July 26!  This
event follows the typical Bug-Out format:  car show, drag races, swap
meet.  (A much different flavor from a club event!)  The gates open at
8am, and the admission is up to a whopping $12 or so per (adult) body --
but we'll have fun anyway. :)

	You can find the Milan Dragway by taking the Plank road exit of
U.S. 23 in Milan, Michigan.  However...

	...if you're coming from anyplace north of Milan, come join our VW
caravan!!!  We'll be meeting at Arborland Mall in Ann Arbor at 7:30AM on
Sunday, and we'll drive to Milan together.  (It's great watching heads
turn as a dozen or so VWs cruise down the road.:)  You can find Arborland
Mall by taking exit 37B of US 23.  The mall is right there nestled up
against the highway--you can't miss it.  We'll be at the base of the huge
Arborland digital time/temperature sign.

	A tip for arriving at the show:  when you enter the show grounds,
someone will ask you whether you're entering the show or just a spectator.
Even if you don't enter the show, tell them that you are!  If you indicate
that you're a spectator, you'll have to park waaaaay on the far side of
the dragway.  Lousy.  Tell them you're showing, pay your $12/head to get
in, and park where you like.  (If you are registering, do so after you've

	If you can't make our caravan, look for me at the show!  I'll
be in my white (togaweiB) '69 automatic Squareback w/ roof rack.  (Dan
Zink, my65notch@aol.com, will have his green '65 Notch w/ the custom
Monza exhaust.)  See you Sunday!!!

'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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