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Questions: Engine, Carb, and Parts computer

The Questions:
1. I have just torn my engine down over the past 2 weeks, and i have
determined that i need new rings and my sleeves honed.  I also wanted to
look at the cost of buying new pistons/ rings/ cylender sleeves.  I saw a
kit with just these parts for 90 dollars.  Are they any good?  Where is
the best place to get quality replacements while having cost as a
consideration?  I am doing a daily driver resto and everything else is
top notch.  This is the only route i plan to take.

2. does anyone have an eletric pilot jet cut-off valve (or know of an
inexpensive source) , its part number 311-129-413-J or 058-129-413-B.
These were priced at 93.95 and i was hoping to pay only 10 dollars.  One
of mine is broken off.  Is this realy important (drivability?)  My car is
12 Volt, with dual carbs  32 PDSIT 2 and 3.  Haynes refers this part as
#30 Pilot jet cut-off Valve on page 65 in figure 3.14.

3.  any way to access that killer VW parts computer besides opening a

67 Fastback

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