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RE: Pertronix Q (CDI stuff)

> Anyone ever use one of the CDI's that the Rev. Hoover reccomends? 
> the ones that don't replace you're points, just use them to carry
> far less current and use them as a signalling device?  They sounds
> great.  Cheap, and it only take moving a wire to make it stock
> again....

I have used several of them since 1966, although I currently don't 
have a daily driver with one installed.  The ones I have used were 
Mark 10 made by Delta Products in Colorado, but I don't know if they 
are still in business.

It is a good product that makes no more claims for itself than are 
justified, the main ones being increased plug life and virtually 
infinite point life.  They make the point that all your wires and 
insulators need to be in top condition.  There may be a small cold 
weather starting advantage, but in general they seem to give exactly 
the same performance as a stock system in good condition.  The big 
advantage is that nothing ever gets out of adjustment.

The "B" and "C" versions have a switch that restores the operation to 
the stock system.  Couldn't be any simpler.

These were available factory wired or as kits.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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