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fuel line and fan belt

Today Diane called and said our '71 Squareback was leaking fuel from the
tank.  She had just driven back from the local beach (lake) with our two
kids.  I told her to crawl underneath and crimp the leaking line with some
Vice Grips.

She had to run another errand so she had to take the '72 Bus even though
the muffler is falling apart.

When I got home I found a metal tray under the back of the car.  Turns out
the leak was at the rear, not the front.  With her help I isolated the leak
to be the fuel line on the front of the #1 injector.  I grabbed a length of
fuel line from the trunk and replaced that section.  

So, now she goes out to test the car to make sure it's working properly.
As she drove back into the cul-de-sac and driveway something sounded awful
so she shut it down.  I checked the engine compartment and everything
looked okay, until I saw the fan belt, or what was left of it.  The only
thing left was the outer fabric.  Luckily, the trunk came to our rescue
again, and we installed the old one I removed when I installed the new one
a year or two ago.

So, a nice calm evening with our VWs and everything's back in order again...


ps - from June 21 to July 7 we were on the road from Atlanta to New England
and back in our '72 VW Bus.  It worked perfectly* and logged 3035 miles in
17 days.  We saw only 1 Type 3 on the whole trip - parked in West
Brattleboro, VT and looked like a parts car.

* Perfectly - meaning it never stranded us on the side of the road and
delivered us home safely - it popped a rear wheel cylinder and blew a hole
in the muffler, but other than that was fine.

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