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1972 Squareback in SE PA

First Time Poster.  I just looked at an almost amazing 1972 Orange 
Squareback in Levitown PA.  It has 51,000 mabye original miles, orignal 
paint job, incredible interiors, amazing engine.  I did not buy it 
because it had two unusuall rust spots on it that I could not fix myself 
and did not have the cash to have it done.

I am not the seller, nor do I know the seller.  Just posting this here so 
that a Type 3 lover gets this and not somebody who will not appreciate 
the car. It's on Edgely Avenue about 1/4 mile north of route 13, in 
Levittown Pa, and the phone number on the front of it is (215) 949-0106. 
The guy said he wanted $1200, for it, but I got him down to $1100 before 
I declined on buying it.

If you go and see it or even buy it, please let me know.

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