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RE: A few questions

I've gone to the you-pull it junkyard and just ripped the door seals of
one of those newish hondas and audi's and such.  Trunk seals too.  I
know this sounds like blasphemy but it has kept my bus leak free and my
wallet...well, its still empty, but my bus deosn't leak.  I'm sure they
would woek for the hood and the hatch and doors and all.  you have to
pay for the window rubber, tho....

I plan on doing the same for the fasty, when the time gomes.  Sometimes
a little trim here and ther is needed, but heck, its a door and some


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> Sent:	Friday, July 17, 1998 8:08 PM
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> Subject:	A few questions
> I've been subscribing for a little over a month now and have picked 
> up some good ideas from you guys. Thanks for the info. I have a 
> few things I am wondering about. I have a 67 fastback basket case I 
> am trying to get on the road. Nothing fancy (she is my first) just 
> dependable. Will the steering column from a 68 interchange and how 
> hard is it to swap? Looks like the collapsable(sp) section at the 
> bottom has to come off, does it?  Also, about every piece of rubber 
> on the car is shot.  I plan on buying the window rubber from WCM and 
> maybe the hood and hatch seals too. Is there any way to avoid $125 
> each for door seals. Does anyone know any way to substitute another 
> type seal or am I stuck with the remnants I have on my doors now? 
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Alvie Harris
> 67 Fastback

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