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Pomona Swap on Sunday

I know Pomona isnt that big of a deal, but I figured I'd tell about my trip
anyways.  The swap meet was considerably less crowded this time than times in
the past.  I think there were 2 reasons for this.  1) the Seattle show was a
bigger Draw expecially for the out of town venders that usually show at Pomona
and 2) There were temperatures over 110 recorded in the area in the past week
with one day being 118 I think.

I had a good trip though.  Did the normal get up at 3:45, get ready and leave
by 4:30 and  arrive by 5:15 or so (It's nice doing 95+ MPH that early).  I
found most of the Things I needed, but I only saw 3 early model fenders for
sale.  one was a rear for $100 and the other 2 were fronts (a pair) for $175
(I think) and he wouldnt seperate and they werent in the best of shape.  They
would have needed some pounding and/or bondo so I didnt purchase any for those
of you that had asked me to look for you.  I may have a lead on a pair of
early front fenders still though.  Those of you still interested please E-mail

My "need" list was pretty short this time.  I was in the market for a 67 rear
view mirror, (2) 135 tires to see how they work up front and a spare rim/tire
for the Notch since it doesnt have one.  After hearing from the guy at T3
Detectives that 67 mirrors were a 1 year only item and that he had em for sale
for $100 I wasnt optimistic about finding one  , but low and behole at the
10th or so table I came across there were 4 or 5 of em and they werent even in
"ooh dont you touch my rare stuff" cages so I looked them over, picked the
nicest one and prepared to hear the guy say $75-$100.  when he said $25 I
quickly threw a Jackson and a Lincoln at him and made off hastily before he
changed his mind.  I think I got it for a steal.  the chrome is 95% perfect.
the Aluminum backing of the mirror part is absolutely perfect as is the front
glass part of the mirror.  It even has the little rubber stop that I think
goes against the windshield and it's not even cracked or brittle.  I had a few
compliments on it throughout the day so I'm happy about it.

I also picked up a pair of brand new 135 tires for $50 each to see if that'll
help the notch front tires from rubbing.  Hell even if it doesnt, they were
only $100.

I saw 2 pairs of 4 real lug EMPI Sprint Stars and came SO close to picking up
a set for the Notch.  One set already had the lip and the Ridges polished so
all they needed were the rest painted black.  They only had 2 center caps
though and would have needed 2 more.  The other set I saw were painted blue
and they may very well have been NOS, I dunno, but on the inside of each rim
(the part the tire covers so it's not exposed to the elements) was an EMPI
serial number sticker or something.  They were $225 and had 4 center caps.  I
came SO close.

Finally I made my way out to the "cars for sale" section and saw a few nice
T3's.  There were 2 nice early notches there and 2 that were drivers and very
complete, but needed paint and interior help.  They were $2500 Each and I
didnt see prices for the already restored ones.  There was also a  nice red
Fastback and a BEAUTIFUL 71 Square.  It was really nicely done by a young guy
from Irvine.  He was looking to get $6300 for it.  Maybe not worth that much,
but it was really nice.  

I also saw something that almost brought me to tears.  As I was walking
through the area, I saw a very clean early model front end a few rows over.
It was a maroon color and looked PERFECT from the front.  The tears started as
I rolled around to the back and saw that it had been butchered into a truck.
God, it was terrible.  I almost made a rude remark to the guy, but I
remembered the old saying "to each his own"

I took a few pics of this poor example of a body shop  man going psycho on a
perfect T3 Squareback and the pretty 71 Squareback for sale.  I'll have them
scanned shortly so you guys can have a look.

That was my Sunday


71 Notch
71 Square

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