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I have to jump for joy.  The square is alive.  Replaced the starter,
turned the key, and...a beautiful purrrrrrrr!  Still waiting for my new
main jets to arrive, but still drove around the block.

But wait, there's more!!!!

I also replaced both rear quarter panels with good ones and the bad
drivers door comes off tomorrow for its replacement.  Under the
panels... an ever so slight bit of surface rust; wiped off!  The new
windshield goes in on payday and then it's, "save the green for the
paint booth time."    Though the car is multi-colored right now, I
cannot believe how straight it is.  I even scrounged some descent seats
to put in until tweed upolstery time.

Some goodies I get to have:  A brand spanking new, never installed, T3
steering wheel.  Complete with horn ring and uncracked horn button.

A T3 front rubber floor mat; dirty, but untorn.

An underhood, VW stamped, air horn.  Don't know what it came out of, but
it is VW and cool-  Get out of my way loud, too.

Chrome trimmed Radio bracket for the Saphire III.  

I'm so stoked and goose-pimpley, I can't belive it.

Brian Fye
65 Notch auto
67 Square- alive and kickin'
67 Square- dead, but not forgotten

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