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RE: I don't wanna do it!!!!!!!!

Don't do it!!! Type 3's are too cool, especially squarebacks.  My theory
is, everyone needs a bus, but if you can't have one of those, than a
squareback is an neccessity.

Maybe you should swap some parts between the 2 cars, make them 'blood
brothers' or something.  Ask Jim what parts-  he knows.  Jimm knows

Ditch the weber-  sell it and get something that will fit under the lid.
You lose 1/2 the utility of a square with the hump-  I know. Find a nice
listee that has some stock dual solex's....  Youll thank me.

I know, I'm feeling opinionated today, aren't I??

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Dragonyte [SMTP:Dragonyte@amaonline.com]
> Sent:	Friday, July 17, 1998 3:29 AM
> To:	VWtype3
> Subject:	I don't wanna do it!!!!!!!!
> I've got a 69 Squareback that I don't seem to have the time for. I
> bought
> this car about 4 months ago while  the other Volkswagen product was
> running
> fine. (Wife's 65 Bug) Thought I was going to be able to start working
> on the
> Square because everything else was going smooth. First problem was
> that I
> "thought", next problem was, I didn't know that the 65 was going to
> get
> jealous. Everytime I start to work on the Square, something goes wrong
> with
> the Bug. I guess what I am trying to say is, I am thinking of getting
> rid of
> my Square. I have to have what I've got in it which is $700. (Without
> the
> Weber two barrel) Or I could part it out I guess.
> 1600cc motor
> Dropped 3 splines in front, 1 in back
> Shaved door handles
> Pop out rear windows
> New carpet and seat covers (Dark gray)
> T1 transaxle
> Needs shocks,  "refrigeration armor", some wiring, paint job, rear
> deck lid,
> (Already had a hole cut for a two barrel) will have to be trailered to
> go
> anywhere, etc., etc.......
> The only thing I have done to it is put on a passenger front fender
> and a
> Weber two barrel carb.
> Somebody talk me out of selling the thing I love most or buy it from
> me!!!!!!
> Jerry (I feel like I've got a gun to my head) Morris
> 69 Squareback (That I love dearly)
> 65 Bug (That I could KILL!!!!!!!)
> ICQ# 13977500

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