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RE: IRS wheel alignment

> what I dont understand.. and what amybe Jim can help us with is why the Bently book suggests 0deg toe
> on the Squareback and 5deg on the
> Fastback.  My alignment man was worried about 1deg toe causing tire wear so we ditched the 5deg spec
> on the notch and put it at 0 and the car seems fine.
> why the 5deg spec?? Typo??  wont it wear the tires??

I'm not sure, so I'm gonna have to speculate a bit here.  Toe-in and 
camber are related to each other by a thing called camber steer.  If 
you have different camber, you need different toe-in to go with it to 
null out the tire scrubbing.  Since the FB and the SB have different 
load capabilities, I will guess that they get different compromise 
alignment specs.

For any street car the alignment specs must be a compromise, because 
the alignment changes as the load varies and the suspension squats.

This is all pretty complicated because the 2 models use different 
diameter torsion bars and have them preloaded to different angles, 
again, I assume, because of their different load ratings and the 
consequently different alignment compromises that had to be made.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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