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Re: #3 & #4 run HOT!!!

On 16 Jul 98 at 12:32, type3@vwtype3.org wrote:

> A funny thing I noticed yesterday when I was tuning my recetly rebuilt
> carbs was that the drivers side of the engine was running real HOT while
> the right side was cool.  I mean a BIG difference.  I touched the
> manifold on the right carb and it was cool to the touch even thought the
> engine was at operating temp.  WHile the left side manifold (and the the
> whole left side) was very hot, so hot that it started to smoke.  I shut
> it off and let cool.  waited an hour or so.  Started her again and about
> 10 minutes later it did the same thing.  It was so hot, I could not even
> keep my arm in the left side to turn the idle and volume control screws
> for more than a few seconds at a time.  I have never experinece this
> with any other aircooled engine.
> I the ignition system is all new running 009, new cap, rotor, wires,
> plugs, points, etc.  I checked the gap on all plugs, points and also the
> valve lash.   There is minor exhaust leak where the muffler mates to the
> header.   It hasn't been driven on the road hardly cuz I'm in the
> process of restoring it back to a the daily driver it was.  One other
> thing I noticed that it hadn't doen before was white smoke now appears
> from the tail pipe.  

My first thought is that the R side isn't working, so the thermostat 
stays cool and the (working) L side gets no cooling because the 
(cool) thermostat has the cooling air shut off.  But you didn't 
mention a lack of power.  Is the power and engine smoothness okay?

Check the various air cooling ducts.  Is everything there?  Do you 
have a mouse nest on the L side that is blocking the air flow there?

This sounds like a problem that you really need to fix before you do 
serious harm to the engine.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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