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Re: 3/ 3: type3-d Digest V98 #163

|Using 'http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/translate?' to
|the rough translation and massaged to what I believe is being said:
(TO) Jose Luis: What's happenin'?.  My friend watches my name is
|Aguilar of Cordova Veracruz, Mex.  (I think what is being said is he
has a friend in
|Mexico, thus establishing a commonality).

hahahahhaha!!!!!  Is a bit difficult to have an acurate translation
when the spanich spoken is from different countries. Is like to
translate from UK and US...the outcome in spanish will be different.
What is means in that sentende is " Hey my friend...look!! My name

I reside in Redwoodcity, California (in the USA). In response to the
questions on his Type III; Coflat(?)

"corrazas" in inglish is cooling tins. 'http:// babelfish translate it
as Coflat?!?...got me too!!

|of refrigerasion (cooling tin in gringoland) can be found in a
deshuesadero top notch (a good
|autoparts store(?))

hahahha!!! That is a good name for an autoparts store for sure!  :)
it means junkyard as well as pantheon of old cars.

|have a 1967 Fastback VW Type III which I am repairing now, I have
|everything dismantled and I am going it to leave like new (stock) a
little but sport
|the original thing (?),

He means that his Fastback is apart and plans to restore it
original...with a sporty look....sort of cal look.

|I go to the pantheons of old cars (junkyard) in my free
|time looking for parts that can serve me (looking for replacement

very good Toby!!

|He excuses octografia. (He's asking for forgiveness for using any

There you go!!

|I'm glad you're helping but when it's sent to us without translation
|not very useful to anyone.
|   Toby Erkson

AHHAHAH!!  that is very true. He must of being on a hurry not to be
able to translate...I guess!  :))
I talk to the guy who originate that message but no response...maybe
he is at the "deshuesadero top notch"

take care amigos
watery eyes because of so much laugh Luis

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