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RE: rough idle and Relays!

There's a relay under the dash, looks just like the small one under the
back seat (actually, they are identical) 
It basically lets the computer turn the fuel pump on and off-  when you
first turn the key on, the back one will click, then the front one, you
may hear your fuel pump (my new one is noisy- my old one wasn't) for a
second, then anothing click and the pump will turn off.  So its:
turn key
back click
front click
front click

The pump will also run while your starting-  but I can never hear it
over the engine....
if you don't always have a wrrrrr, then its a fuel pump problem.  Have
you checked your fuel pressure lately?  Don't feel bad-  me neither.

if you don't always get the click, then check the connector in the
engine. Its a single lead in a weird rectangular box that connects a
wire than enters the loom at about 11:00 snoopy-and-the-red-baron-time.

Can you tell I did this day before yesterday? :)

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> Sent:	Tuesday, July 14, 1998 2:11 PM
> To:	TYPE3@vwtype3.org
> Subject:	rough idle and Relays!
> Greetings to all;
> my stock 70 sq started idling irratic coupla weeks ago,so I figured
> bad fuel
> filter and promptly replaced it. Well, it still runs like crap! Now
> here a few
> observations from someone who is very new to T3's or FI and its relays
> &
> stuff,so pls forgive my ignorance here.
> - Acts up almost always when warm, usualy 1st sign is bad
> idle,followed by
> irratic    running and sometimes out right quitting. Wait 1/2 hr or so
> and it
> starts sgain.
> -While all this is happening you hear.. klick..klick somewhere under
> the dash
> now and then.
> -When it decides to run ok,usually you hear klick..vooom at first
> click of
> ignition
>   when it dont feel like it you hear klick but no vooom, then you know
> it wont
> start.
> Is it the Relay(s)?  where is it? can I replace it?  who has it? any
> clues
> appreciated, this baby is my daily driver. TIA
> HB

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