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Re: Removing air intake fan

> I'm in the process of redoing a type III engine, and I want to replace the
> oil pump while I have it apart.  The only problem is that I'm not sure how
> to remove the air intake fan on the rear (FIF) of the engine (so I can
> remove that whole cooling air intake plenum).  I assume I have to remove
> the hex nut/bolt in the middle...any idea what size that is?  Once I have
> that out, do I use a puller, or is the fax threaded on there?  If not, do I
> even need a puller?  Is there anything after the fan removal that will be
> tricky that you can shed some light on while we're on the subject?

First take off the black sheet metal intake "plenum."  Under 
that you will find the first of two fans.  Pry the hemispherical 
plastic cover out of its center and unscrew the bolt that is down 
there.  The first fan, which is an aluminum casting, will probably 
nearly fall off in your hand.

Next you have to remove the rear half of the cast aluminum fan 
housing.  The two halves are held together by a number of small bolts 
and piloted by two dowell pins located in the "armpits."  Use a 
hammer and a small cold chisel in the joint just adjacent to the pins 
to gently wedge the halves apart.

Now you can see the complete inner sheet steel fan.  It is just a 
slip fit on the tail of the crankshaft, but they are typically quite 
hard to get off by just wiggling.  Fortunately there are two M8x1.25 
tapped holes in the hub.  You can use these, two long M8x1.25 bolts, 
and a steering wheel puller to gently slide the fan off.

Of course there is no harm in trying to just wobble it off by hand, 
but you need to be VERY CAREFUL not to bend it in the process.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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