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Re: stainless brake hoses

A couple of things seem clear from two responses to my post on 
Teflon/SST brake hoses.

One is that it is no longer true that the hoses don't come in the 
correct metric fittings.  In fact I spotted correct fittings on hoses 
from Earl's yesterday at Bugfest.

The other is that there is some evidence for these to be 
less resilient under pressurization than the std hoses.  While I am 
not totally convinced, I am happy for the update and feedback.


On 12 Jul 98 at 10:20, JonesVWs@aol.com wrote:
> I first got into the stainless steel flex lines with my 914. I mail ordered
> them for about $60 a set based on the claim of a firmer pedal. Boy, were they
> right! The braking on this car improved considerably. The teflon core tubing
> wrapped in the stainless steel mesh has virtually zero expansion under
> pressure. The "feel" of the brake pedal is amazing..... full travel (with all
> your might) went from 2 inches to about 1/2 inch!
> I immediately bought another set for my wife's 914 and got the same results. I
> also installed a set on my '67 Westy with an equal reduction in travel and
> increase in feel, so I assume that the effect is the same on both disk and
> drum set-ups. And these lines DO NOT require adapters.

and a second post:

>I have ss brake hoses on my Fastback. They have the proper fittings 
>were only $40 for all 4. I got them from Barret Enterprises, they 
>are made by Earls, if I remember correctly.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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