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Retrofit FI (of course, long)

Ah, the oft-mentioned and oft dreaded topic, retrofitting the FI.

I'll break it all down for ya-

I had a 70 fastback with some 'interesting' mechanical modifcations,
including the omnipresent single carb with the hump, but also including
bug pans with no supports, and juice bottle carps on the heat
exchangers.  Had a universal case with new pushrod tubes and some tie
raps holding the fan shroud on.  Ran okay, but a little funky.  I pulled
it for a on bench look-see and spiritual healing. The FI had been hacked
out, but they left the 2 relays and plugged up the extra fuel line with
a little screwdriver and a ball point pen.

There was also a 71, Deathrust.  70K files, all stock, and i had gooten
the FI running perfect over the last couple of months.  I pulled it to
put into the fastback.  Now, I know that isn't a COMPLETE retrofit,
which would involve taking the parts off the engine and putting them onn
the other one, but its close, and it deals with the touchy parts-  the
electricals and such.

Before this story gets to far along and I lose those listees with 1000
other messages to read, let me gently suggest CHANGE ALL YOUR FUELS

On with the show.

So Crazy Bryan and I put the other motor in.  We yank all the hoses off
the square and put them on the fastback-  they were only a year old, so
I figured they would be fine.

Weird-  I was expecting a mess, but their were only 4 connections to be
made for the FI, 5 if you count the computer.

1)  2 wires on one connector to the top ternimal on the starter
2-3) 2 wires in one weird (big H) plastic connector on the drivers side,
comes from the main relay under the seat
4) wire (black&white?) that enters the main harness a little left of
center and runsto the fuel pump relay under the dash.  it connects in
one of theose funky rectangualr wire boxes VW is so fond of...

Luckily, the PO had just cut the wires at the harness, leaving me enough
to solder a new connection to (Crazy Bryan objected to solder, claiming
that splice, wrap with masking tape, and seal with saliva was the proper
method.  I chose the old standby)

Pretty easy, really.  Put the engine in, tighten everything down.  found
out I knocked the wire off the starter, put it back on, hook it up .
Hooked up the trusty FI tester, found out I had knocked the connector on
one of the injectors, fixed THAT, gave the car a start, and POOF!  gas

One of the hoses had SPLIT about 3 inches back from the poump-  the
pressure hose.  Also, the pressure hose blew off the car under the
tranny, and sprayed all over the engine compartment.  After letting it
sit for a half hour out of fear for my life, I replaced the one hose,
retightened the other. (opps!) ..

Weird..  I wonder what could have done that?

But all in all, it wasn't that hard-  the car ran for about 30 seconds
next time I tried to start her, but by themn she had run out of cgas so
it was okay.  

Not to bad. Easier than it sounds, too.


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