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Type 3 Parts Available!

to the list:

I made it to the MoFoCo Bugin yesterday and found some parts that 
some of you might be interested in.  If there's anything on this list 
that interests you, please contact me directly via email.

Early Type 3 muffler: This is the one that uses the separate upper 
heat exchangers and has the heat riser pipe coming up around cylinder 
#4.  NOS, genuine VW.  Not for FI, perhaps someone who is more 
familiar with these can tell me whether these are for the dual carbs, 
single carbs, or both.  I got a good price on 2 of these, so I can 
afford to sell them for US$60@.  This price is for the muffler alone, 
but I have the other parts also, if you need them.

Earlier Type 3 muffler: Like those above, but includes the integral 
upper heat exchangers.  Unfortunately, this fellow wanted US$125
for this muffler so I did not buy it.  If you are interested, you can 
call him directly:  Patrick Hoffman, St. Louis, MO, USA, 
314-770-0573.  Sorry, no email access.

Chrome tail pipe extensions for all the early type 3s.  This is a 
push on chrome cover that fits all the years except the large 72-3 
tailpipes.  These are not like the ones I was familiar with, which 
actually were held on by one sheet metal screw, but instead have a 
number of dimples pressed into the front part of the sleeve so they 
are a "press fit" over the OD of the tailpipe extension.  They also 
have a outward rolled rear end.  $7@

I also picked up some non-Bosch 12V generator and starter brushes, 

Shipping is extra on all parts.

For myself, I picked up four euro T3 taillight assemblies: 2 
absolutely perfect late amber/red/white lenses with beautiful chrome 
(70-1 only!) bases and 2 early nicely aged amber/red lenses with OK 
bases.  All for US$90, not a steal, but something I was just barely 
able to justify.

I also got some brake pads, wheel cylinder kits, caliper kits and 
bleed valve caps

There is also a fellow nearby here with two good late model T3 front 
axle beams that he is going to deliver here.  Please email me if you 
are interested.

I met a fellow from Kansas City who was looking for T34 parts.  He 
and a friend have 4 of them!  I gave him my email address, so I hope 
we will have him on the list in a couple of weeks once he gets hooked 
up to the internet.  In general, I was surprised that no one I asked 
had email access.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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