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Re: 68 vs 69 spindles

> When it was time to install the rotor I found
> out that the inner wheel bearings did not fit, it was too small, the
> outer fit good. So I went to my FLAPS and got an inner bearing for a
> 69 SB and ...viola! Got everything mounted and went for a test drive.
> Brakes are good now!  :) The bolts for the calipers, ball joint, etc.
> are the same. The only difference is the inner wheel bearing. My
> question: Having a 68 spindle on the left and a 69 spindle on the
> right, How that affects handling and braking on the long run?

VW enlarged the spindle inner diameter by 2mm in mid 68.  This is 
spelled out in the Bentley manual.  The later one is stronger.  It's 
too bad your late spindle is not the left one, because that is the 
one that is hollow (is drilled to pass the speedo cable.)  The later 
spindles are more desirable, but in general you will probably never 
be able to tell the difference, other than needing to be more careful 
to remember that you need some different parts for the two sides.

I worked on an early 68 a few years ago where the owner complained 
that the car "wandered" on the road.   I could not get the wheel 
bearing to adjust, too much play, and finally discovered that someone 
had installed a large, late bearing on the small, early spindle on 
one side only.  This came as a big surprise, but replacing the 
bearing with the right one made a BIG difference.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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