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Re: stainless brake hoses

In a message dated 98-07-10 23:39:02 EDT, you write:

<< These hoses are a perfect example of something with little or no real 
 benefit that can still be sold to an unsuspecting and uninformed 
 consumer since they incorporate a few magic words, in this case 
 Teflon and Stainless Steel are the magic words.  Think about it.  
 When was the last time you had a problem with corrosion in your 
 flexible brake lines; when was the last time you felt that your flex 
 hoses either had too much friction or deteriorated in too short a 
 time.  I find a 20-30 year lifetime quite acceptable, and it is by no 
 means clear that the Teflon hoses will do better.>>


I first got into the stainless steel flex lines with my 914. I mail ordered
them for about $60 a set based on the claim of a firmer pedal. Boy, were they
right! The braking on this car improved considerably. The teflon core tubing
wrapped in the stainless steel mesh has virtually zero expansion under
pressure. The "feel" of the brake pedal is amazing..... full travel (with all
your might) went from 2 inches to about 1/2 inch!

I immediately bought another set for my wife's 914 and got the same results. I
also installed a set on my '67 Westy with an equal reduction in travel and
increase in feel, so I assume that the effect is the same on both disk and
drum set-ups. And these lines DO NOT require adapters.

The only reason I haven't put them on my other cars is the price ($15-$20 each
versus about $6-$8 each for the standard). For the performance crowd, the
effect is well worth the extra money.

My $.02.


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