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Re: fuel overflow hose

Sent to the list to save repetition and so everyone could benefit.


The name "overflow hose" is something of a misnomer.  It really 
isn't meant to empty out onto the ground.

This is a molded rubber hose that attaches to the rear of the filler 
pipe under the RF fender.  It then turns and passes into the body and 
connects to more fuel tank plumbing inside the trunk.  If you have 
gas leaking out on to the ground whenever you top up your tank, no 
matter how careful you are, then you have this problem.

You may find that large parts of this hose are gone, but the most 
common condition is that it is badly cracked on the underside where 
you can feel the cracks with your fingernail.  Driving in the rain 
will pump large amounts of water in through these cracks.


On 11 Jul 98 at 0:03, Steve Bradley wrote:

> Now you've got me paranoid. Where is this part? I have a '71 SB and don't
> see where this thing should go. I assume its gone because I dont see
> anything that empties out to the ground coming off my filler neck.

> > if yours is perished and you need a new one, look around your local
> junkyard
> > at beetles and you should find a decent hose that fits perfectly.  it's
> inside
> > the trunk, so hasn't been exposed to 30 years of the elements, and is
> already
> > kinked to the right shape.
> Sorry, but there is no similar part on beetles.  The part that is
> needed here is 311 201 179 A or C.  Cars up to mid 72 with quarter
> turn gas caps get the A version, the later cars with screw in
> gas caps get the C version.
> I would estimate that every type 3 out there with this hose older
> than 10 years needs a new one.  It is very important to replace it
> before the gas tank accumulates enough water and dirt to damage the
> fuel system.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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