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Found a page......

I found a page that might be worth looking into.........Here's some of the
stuff on the page.

Jerry Morris
69 Squareback
65 Bug
ICQ# 13977500

Name=Dave Tosi
Your E-mail address=david.tosi@qntm.comur
There has been a type III nothcback sitting in a fellows yard for a few
years now. He seems to have a lot of buses (LM) and a few rabbit types also
However the notch has just been sitting there . It is located in
Phillipston, MA along route #2A. It is on the right side heading west. The
house is located between the road for the "Fox Run Resturant" and Cycle
Design ( a motorcyle shop.) Unknown if for sale or what.

63 or so single cab has most parts,engine in the bed, this v dub was in
Hygiene, CO at a little foreign auto shop ,when I saw it ( over two years
ago) he said $500 best offer ,but the title is lost. may or maynot still
exist 69 ghia vert ,in Mattituck, LI ,NY no other info for directions E-mail
vwmike@usa.net also check out my V-Dub site MIKE
http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Canyon/2322/ PS: where is my next bug? a rust
free 69-71, hope I find it here. Ghia Pic. and Single Cab Pic

Name: Vince
Email: zebraitis@rjc.net
Home_Page: (soon to come!)
Phone: 734 522 4614
State_VW_Located: Michigan
City: westland / livonia
Year: ?
Model: Karman Ghia
Body_style: 2 dr 'vert
Complete?: are any ever complete?
Condition?_good_bad_ugly: way ugly green metalic, w/
ripped top
Directions_or_details: OK, I've seen it sitting in a bar' parking lot for at
least two years. windows have been left open, and it's just sinking into the

If this is considered spam, I apologize.


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