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Re: more HELP!!!!!brake bleeding..

At 08:57 PM 7/9/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>  Well after finishing up replacing the brake lines to the rear today,
>> I went to bleed them. Undid the bleeder valve...put the hose on, and
went to
>> pump the pedal......no fluid came out. Pumped it about 25-30 more times and
>> nothing. I tried this on the FL, RL and RR. The resovoir is full, and only
>> the side for the front went down a little....
>Try taking the bleed valve ALL the way out and clearing the hole 
>under it out with the same drill bit, then leave the valve out and 
>There are lots of things that can thwart you.  Just be imaginative.

I had the same problem in my '72 convertible.  I even went so far as to
assume that the master cylinder was shot and replaced it.  When the new MC
didn't help, I discovered that I had not adjusted the brake linings yet --
they were still too far from the brake drums.  When I pumped the pedal, the
brake linings moved as they should.  I guess the path of least resistance
for the brake fluid was to fill the wheel cylinders thus pushing the brake
linings instead of going through the bleeder valve.  Once I adjusted the
brake linings to where they started scraping the brake drum, I pushed on
the pedal, the linings pushed against the brake drums and the fluid came
squirting out the bleeder valve.  Voila!  

Like Jim said, just be imaginative.  Just don't let yourself get frustrated.  

Good luck

Zagreb, Croatia

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