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Re: more HELP!!!!!brake bleeding..

>  Well after finishing up replacing the brake lines to the rear today,
> I went to bleed them. Undid the bleeder valve...put the hose on, and went to
> pump the pedal......no fluid came out. Pumped it about 25-30 more times and
> nothing. I tried this on the FL, RL and RR. The resovoir is full, and only
> the side for the front went down a little....because when I opened the valve
> some ran out. I know its going to the back because I undid the connection
> from the  new tube a little and some came out. Whats going on??? Everything
> on the front end is new and clear from obstructions, as well is everything
> from the
> MC back up to the rear flex lines. I was careful in keeping the lines clean,
> so I hope they are clear. When I pushed the pedal, it made kind of a gushing
> sound, and the pedal feels very mushy even after all those pumps.........

Did you OPEN the bleed valve?
Try cleaning the dirt out of the core of the bled valve with a small 
drill bit twisted in your fingers.
Try taking the bleed valve ALL the way out and clearing the hole 
under it out with the same drill bit, then leave the valve out and 

There are lots of things that can thwart you.  Just be imaginative.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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