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Re: what year is it??

>     well here is the story. i have a notchback that has had its front 
> clip and pan replaced some years back. the vin number on the current pan 
> is from a 64. the supposedly original vin number from the original pan 
> is also from a 63. the person i bought it off of swears it is a 65. to 
> make things worse the title has it registered as a 65 but the vin number 
> matches a 64. how is that for a mess!! i have heard vw sometimes stamped 
> the date on certain parts throughout the car. true or false?? is there 
> any way i can determine what year my car is??? 

The year of your car is determined by its VIN.  I believe there are 
only two VINs on the car in your era: stamped on the top of the pan 
tunnel under the back seat, and stamped on a silver tag in the 
trunk..  If they match there is no question.  If they don't match 
most DMVs go with the number on the pan.

I believe it is standard procedure in a case like this to look at 
this car and take the point of view that it is an original pan that 
has had a few body parts replaced.

In later years the VIN was also put on the dash and inside the 
drivers side door jamb.  I don't think there are any other places.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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