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Re: speedo

Well I know that for all of the pain in the Assiwas saying, that the
spedometer is you are probably pushing on the clip right. It not going
that extra millameter to click out. Mine was a PIA (Pain in A$$) this way
and took me a good half an hour, some cuts and scratches and some sweat
beating off and walaa it popped out. 
You might want to try your woman to help get it out because my hands are
to big to fit in that tiny space and does help to have hands that fit
under there.

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On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:20:10 -0700 "Everett Barnes" <everettb@prodigy.net>
>I am having problems taking out my speedo, I know it has the two clips
>like the clock and the gas gauge, but is there anything else holding
>it in???? thanks
>The clips have to line up with the holes they pass through at 3 and 9
>o'clock.  I've noticed in the past that I often had to press the clips
>as hard as I could to remove the speedo because the hole was tighter.
>Unhook the speedo cable and wiring, too.  :)

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