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Re: Rear End MAJOR

Hmm, Thats a new one on me. So about where exactly are these bolts/pins
located at. On the innerside of the tortion housing? or on the inner part
of the tortion bar. Im not to familiar with this area of the vehicle.
When I go around a corner it feels like the ass end well the body is
about to fall off of the car.

I will look around on it tomorrow i guess because I have no time. This
car has been sitting on the street for 2 weeks now and hadnt even been
moved. Im sure the city like that! hehehe. But that O ring on the
flywheel hopefully would be the right deal

I WAS WONDERING How would you get the flywheel to stop moving if you dont
have one of thoes tools to bolt to it. 
And without bending the fan/Mail pulley thing all up. Im ready to start
tare ing this thing down. Its sitting to long and im going crazy! Please
let me know and if anyone else could think of something else just so I
will have more than one thing to look for when i have it torn down. 

Thanx alot ya'll this definitley helps me save time. Cyall l8r

>From Chris Swafford:www.geocities.com/motorcity/garage/4265/
537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer
73'Squareback (More than solid) HELP ME IM GOING INSAINE!!!
68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!

On Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:34:19 GMT stans4@ibm.net (Stan Schaefer) writes:
>Check to make sure that you have both rear trailing arm pvot
>bolts/pins on the inner side. I lost one once because it didn't get
>restaked good enough, leads to some wild handling problems.  Also
>check that both axle nuts are tight.  Might not be a main seal on your
>oil leak, I had a flywheel O-ring get hard and leak on me on  a
>junkyard replacement engine.  Should have replaced it when I had it
>out of the car, but was in a hurry.  Cost me $80 for clutch parts,
>just because I didn't replace a 50 cent O-ring.
>On Mon, 6 Jul 1998 01:49:10 -0500, you wrote:
>>Speaking of new/Old Vehicles I finally got the 1973 Squareback home 
>>drove it for the first time since I owned it! Drove it 15 Suicidal =
>>hehehe. Well its yellow and i told you all about it a few times here 
>>there and I never have time but here and there to say hey.!
>>Well anyway when I was driving her home the front end was driving 
>>no play, great brakes, killer engine running crappy because we just 
>>the 73 so called up and running. you know. I replaced the oil 
>>that someone that owned the car before me used their happy high speed 
>>off and retardedly choped OR I MEAN sawed off the rare tin around the 
>>radiator but half of it is still there! And So me the Volkswagen 
>>Survivor got the oil cooler off and replaced it with a Old stock 
>>part from my ole friend  joe that gets everyone out of their type 3 =
>>some how.=20
>>But anyway i was driving her home ok,. I thought that the back end 
>>kind of funny and when I changed lanes doing about 40MPH i suddenly =
>>the axle grinding into whatever it war grinding into. and the 
>>also like when I was going around some bends that scared the hell out 
>>But the engine is fastend and the mounts are secure. So=20
>>Im not sure if it would be a rear tortion problem or what. This car 
>>solid and ready to get repainted. I just have to tare down the ass 
>>down and figure what in the would the proble would be before I drive 
>>back in to cleves (About 12 miles away  to get painted.=20
>>Oh yeah i forgot to mention to that the clutch was slipping real bad 
>>so I think the rear main seal if trashed in the motor because there 
>>mass (MASSIVE QUANTITY) of oil running down the road from when I 
>>the car off and it only leaks out after you run it for a minute. So 
>>know I have a few problems to deal with.
>>I need some serious advice on the rear end though because I mean the 
>>back of the car was moving with the gravity pull of my turn and is
>>definitely not normal nor have I ever experienced this problem. So 
>let =
>>Check out my Web
>>>From Chris Swafford:www.geocities.com/motorcity/garage/4265/
>>537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
>>71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer driving everyday (over 
>>miles since may) and still rusting
>>73'Squareback (More than solid) Rear torion or something in the rear 
>>fried & Echeck  Skimps Us!
>>68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!=20
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