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Re: Clocks

Well i do know that you have to get the inside piece moving back and
forth. I have 2 SB's and my clocks always works on them 24/7 and they
both are dead on time and never get slow or anything so I guess it
depends of your clock has rust in it or something?

What I ment by intermitenly touch the hot wire on & off to get it kick
started just take it of and on 2 -3 times for every second. Since taking
the back off of the clock most likely wont hurt it (Mine anyway) just
take the two screws off of the back of the clock, see &  realize what
your trying to get moving and believe me you see the inside of this thing
and you will know exactly what im talking about

Hope you all have fun getting your clocks working. Mine been on for 3-4
weeks now after driving over 1500mi

YEAH I drove over 1500 miles since i put me in a different spedo with a
working odometer. 3-4 weeks ago. Makes you wonder how many miles you
really drive when that thing isnt working.

Cyall l8r

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On Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:24:55 -0600 "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
>> Well there is alittle ticking mechanism like in a real wind up clock 
>> know so heres what you do
>> Pop the clock out of the Dash.
>> See the hot wire on the back? Take is off and on and do this about 4 
>or 5
>> times intermittend ly at the same pace to you can get that little 
>> inside moving back and forth and when you hear is clicking the 
>> has to be up at all times or it will stop.
>Been there, done that.  Found that it lasts < 36 hours.  You can 
>do the same thing by just rotating the clock about the right axis 
>while it is powered up.  My experience is that this will indeed start 
>them, but they will stop soon on their own.  Usually overnight 
>Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
>Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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