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RE: Don't say it

Last weekends some guy name Dillard or dillan or Phil or something or other,
came out to visit just to look at my type3's and give me a few hits.  What a
nice guy.....full of knowledge and quite witty.  But I have to make it known
to all in Type3 land, BEWARE!!!!
I was wondering why he was being so nice and asking me to get him another
beer from my Fridge inside the house.  Little did I know....something erie
was going on in my garage.  Everytime I came back to the garage he would ask
for something else.....like a lime for his Corona Extra.  Time and again it
was something else.....a newspaper, a magazine, some condoms.....you name
it.  After his 2 hour visit and about 3 minutes of conversation......he
left.  It was pretty late so the garage light never came on after he left.
Come morning I went to my Squareback and started tinkering......."What's
this......no roof rack?"........"What's this......no seats?"........"oh my
god.......where is my 1600 cc with 1200 original miles".  All I know someone
must have broken in my garage and had taken everything.  Thank god it
couldn't be Phil.....he was so nice to me!

P.S.  Next day I saw Phil at a show selling this really nice rack for 200

	From:  Everett Barnes[SMTP:everettb@prodigy.net]
	Sent:  Thursday, July 09, 1998 2:47 PM
	To:  type3@vwtype3.org
	Subject:  Re:       Don't say it

	Tomorrow I shall (gulp) unsubscribe for two weeks or so because I
	be heading for Mexico. I don't want to miss any good stuff while I'm
	I heard about this '61 Notch in the northeastern hills of Mexico,
	200-something, supposedly parked since new in a hermetically sealed
	15-foot pyramid made of gold construction paper.  Final details on
	location and the trailer of NOS parts that goes with it for under
	pesos within the next 2 weeks...

	I'd buy it myself but there is some ancient superstition that
	indicates it must be sold to someone whose name starts with a 'P'
	loosely translated, "The sky will turn to fire and a plague will
	descend from the heavens."

	I was sent a warning not to buy it this week when a storm knocked my
	neighbors tree on top of their H*nda.  I had commented the day
	that their tree was getting a little large and needed a trim so...
	believe!  :)

	- Everett Barnes


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