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Leaking Fuel Inlet- Solex 32 dual carbs.

I have suffered yet another goddam setback in my restoration of my daily
driver.  I was all set to take it out and drive the damn thing when a
fuel leak I thought I had fixed several months ago reared its ugly head.
It seems that several years ago when I had the carbs rebuilt the
mechanic reinserted the brass fuel fitting using some teflon tape and
stuck it in there.   I looked at it and didn't think too much of it
until it started to leak recently and then I realized what a problem I
have.   I tried using Liquid Solder but that only worked until yesterday
when I noticed the leak.  

I thought that perhaps tapping the carb body could be the answer but
there isn't enough material and  the aluminum is sure to break the first
time I would turn the fitting.    

Can I insert a slightly larger fitting and press fit it back on the carb
body?  Can I weld more material around that area so that it CAN be
tapped?   Can I fire bomb the bum who rebuilt it?   

Everybody get cracking on this.  We are not leaving until this is

As a side note:  This, to me, seems to be a weakness of the otherwise
splendid Solex dual carbs.  If I, or we, can come up with a solution I
think we should send out a TSB on it.   These carbs are getting rarer by
the day and we need to keep them on the road.  

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