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trip Report 3850mi in a Square!

Well... Everyone... Im Back!

Albany NY to Williston ND and back, 3850mi in my 71 Square and it didn't miss a beat!  What a sweet
little car!

The trip out was not bad, a bit hot (90's) in Ohio but the car stayed cool.
I met Jim Adney, nice Guy and BOY the knowlege!! (thanks again Jim) and 
made it across N Dakota with a 50mph headwind. OK the car is like a brick
aerodynamically and this part of the trip was a bit slow but the car ran great.

The Yellowstone part of the trip was very pretty, through mountain passes with snow still on the road
but NO SALT!.. we were in the headbagging car for this part (93 ford escort), oveerheating, had to
hotwire the cooling fan (could this have eaten the last tranny and engine? gee.. some people just..
OOPS Im digressing, anywho 1800mi of beautiful scenery  with the transmission banging from gear to
gear, slipping, plugged Cat conv.. boy what a joy to be back in the Square!  trip home gave awesome
lightening show across N dakota and the drownpour started in Fargo... I finally pulled over, about an
80MPH crosswind trying to lift the car, rain so hard you couldn't see 2 ft infront of the car, and
YES! vent window seals LEAK when the rain is coming at them that fast!! even new ones!  Drownpour
continued for 4 hours!! stopping
occasionally for the hail (no damage) and high winds I made it to St Cloud MN
the Motel totally spent!  I may mention that we were basically dry in there but with weather like
this there are some things that never leaked  before that start dripping a bit (like windshield wiper
     Up the next morn (floormats too) we headed for Chicago only to realize they were in a heat
Emergency and it was 95 downtown.  OK  the car was running acceptably cool but we weren't and with
the kids I didn't want to take the chance so we stayed the night and went through town the next morn.

     Rest of the trip was OK, I met our listmaster Greg and got to see the birthplace of the great
link.. Cool.. and some literature Ive never seen before, and of course the cars.. what a SWEET 69!
thanks again Greg, wev'e got a great guy at the wheel!
     Car badly deserves a bath but ive been using it to move locally with a 2 sled trailer on the
back and 11 loads of basically VW crap so far and all is
     I licensed the Notch yesterday for the first time in 25 years, it gets its alignment tomoro..
its not done but at least I can finally drive it!

Still panting..

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