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Re: tire questions

My dear Type 3 loving friend...
There appear to be some misconceptions you have about the relative profile
of 135's as compared to other low profile tires:

"Our notch'd end up looking like a wannabe Chevy Nova if we put low Pro's
up front (instead of 135's {sic}) and not on the back and the rear tires
are in great shape so I dont really wanna replace them just yet." 

135's sit at a lower profile off of the rim than 195/50's or 185/55's.  If
you think a Chevy Nova is bad, 135's look like a bad knock off of the pro
streeter look with regular tires in the back.
The biggest probelm I have with 145/135's is that the front end is SO low
that you slap nose on every railroad track you cross, even if the car ISN'T
lowered.  Even worse, power on understeer is absolutely dangerous with
tires that narrow.  I know these things for fact as I have gone this route
in the past. 
The solution I came up with is a tire combination that doesn't screw up
cornering, while giving a profile of tire that looks cal look mean.  I have
185/55 ZR 15 yokohama AVS intermediates up front and 195/60 VR 15's
(195/50's would look very nice, also) in the rear.  The handling is superb,
the look is balanced and honestly looks a lot nicer than the spaghetti
noodle tires you get with 135's.  There is one drawback that I will admit
to.  These tires are not the cheapest in the world.  To put all four on
your car, it'll cost you a hair over 400 bucks.  Still, with the 135's
always skidding into corners, you will get AT LEAST twice the life from the
185's than the 135's.  BAM, Cost offset.
As for the 165's in the rear, I'd honestly suggest toughing it until they
wear out.  By that time, affording the Yoke's should be cake ;-)
Good luck.  I just hate to see someone make the old 135 mistake like I did.

Kenik Hassel
71 fastback

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