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Re: Face off with Jim...

Oh, a challenge, you say?  Let's rock!

The '65 shop manual says:
Dimension a, to be measured from the tip of the push rod to the center of
the attachment hole, is 5.649" or 143.5 mm.  It may vary by 5 mm due to
various tolerances in the frame.  This measurement is only to be used upon
replacement of the push rod and only if the original push rod can not be
used as a measurement.

The important measurement is to get 1 mm of clearance between the tip of the
push rod and the beginning of the master cylinder piston hole.  This equates
to 5-7 mm movement at the brake pedal, which should only be adjusted by
moving the brake pedal stop plate.

Dimension a should never be messed with or else!  :)

My opinion:
As to your 150 mm, this sounds outside the specified maximum so I'd adjust
it only if you are sure some dumb PO messed with it or if maxing out the
stop plate will not give a correct measurement, otherwise just try to use
the stop plate.

Have fun,
Everett Barnes             The Volkswagen Type II and III Experience
everettb@prodigy.net          http://ebus.simplenet.com/Volkswagen

>I challange someone other than Jim A. to help answer my question.
>Winner gets a cold beer next visit to Portland.
> Section 2-4.5 of the Bentley suggests that it is very important not to
>mess with the factory Master Cylinder brake pushrod length.  Just to
>impress this upon us, they show a diagram with the critical dimension
>"a".  Well, they never do say what dim. "a" is!!  Anyone?
>P.S.  My pushrod has a rounded off looking nut, and measures exactly
>150mm from tip to center.  Did the PO mess with it?

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