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tire questions

Our new notchback is a bit lowered.  Ok, it's a lot lowered, but that's not
the problem.  I like it lowered, but it has stock 165 tires on it.  The front
rubs like crazy and the iner lip of both front fenders have already been
rolled under by a PO.  I'd like to go smaller.  145 if we have to, but I think
135's would be best.  I realize I could go with low profile tires.  The guy we
got the notch from had 195/50/15's on his 64 Notch on all 4 corners and it
didnt rub at all, but if we went with low profiles on the front of ours and
not on the back, that'd lower the front even more than it already is and as it
sits now we'd have to drop the rear a notch to get it to sit evenly.  Our
notch'd end up looking like a wannabe Checy Nove if we put low Pro's up front
and not on the back and the rear tires are in great shape so I dont really
wanna replace them just yet.  

I saw a pair of 135's at Bill and Steves for $60 each.  Not too bad, but still
a little expensive I think and if any of you have ever been to Bill and Steves
you'll know you arent met with the best service there.  If I can get them
elsewhere I'd like to try that.

Finally to my question.  I've looked at a few tire shops on the net and none
of them even list 135's.  145 is the smallest they go and I still havent been
able to find a place that actually even has 145's.  Where do you guys get your
tires??? (I live in Los Angeles so keep that in mind)  $60 is a rip of and I
dont wanna have to go to Bill and Steves.

Also, as I'm sure many of you know.  A lowered car on stock worn out shocks
doesnt ride all that great.  I've seen the KYB lowered shocks in the VW rags
for anywhere between $18 and $25.  Does this sound like a good route to
follow?  Are they hard to install?  special tools required? and what fits on
the rear?  I've only seen lowered front shocks advertised.

Finally I looked all over the T3 web page for a search engine and saw that it
isnt up and running yet.  I dont think there was a place on the web page to
find this information, but if there is I'm sure one of you will scold me
properly and point me in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance

71 Square
72 Notch (will have pics up soon, scanner should arrive today)

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