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MY Inventory & what I need

Hi, I finally made a list of everything that I am able to get rid of. 

If you would like anything here just send me an Email Preferably to
unit537@juno.com     so my email dont get lost from the type 3 list

#1 I have the stearing column that the stearing shaft goes thru (That has
the t-signal and ign, sw.) , Door handles & Trunk lock that all 4 are on
the same key and I have the matching key.

#2 Thoes plastic (Fiberglass feeling)pieces that hides the hinges on the
rear trunk lid (Squareback)

#3 Bolt on bumper guard bumper things (2) I think they go on very new er
Squarebacks because my 71 dont have these on it but the 73 does. But i
have a matching set that is starting to get coroded some from being in
the garage.
(Will let go cheap)

#4 (One) Tail light fixture (No Red Plastic piece, Just whats under that)
complete with sockets and lights
311 945 231 F/G/H

#5 Pair of backuplights (GM3772 PR) small 1inch by 4 inch fixtures with
lights. One has a busted lens. 

#6 Black vent pieces that the flap opens and closes thats in the dash. (1

#7 White handles thats behind your seat where you are able to hand your
clothes you know that white loop hangle I have 2 of thoes.

#8 I have 2 or 3 Windshield wiper switches for Dashboard only. Not the
stearing column type.

#9 I have about 5-6 Stock VW bug type hubcaps

#10 I have a set of 5 lug drums off of my 68 bug  (Will let go Cheap)

#11 Pair of 5 lug rims with funky tires (Will let go Cheap)

#12 Chrome Inside door handles

#13 Intake manafold for 2 barrel carb to a dual port type 3 intake. (Came
off of my 73 squareback)

#14 One Newer style stearing wheel W/ Horn piece. 

#15 One Pair of rear pop out windows for a Squareback. Complete.

#16 (2) of The ole classic Vaccumm Advance Distributor

#17 VW Emblem #311 853 601 PVC (For Square type3 cars)

#18  Two Barrel Solex Carb (w/no intake) Solex # C34.TCIC / 130757
That # is on the side of the carb.

#19 Two Barrel Weber Carb #32/36DFAV  w/intake listed as #13 that goes to
this but will sell seperate. 
On the carb where one of the bolts bolt on there is a slight crack on the
corner of the carb but doesnt effect it. Air leekage wise.

And I believe that this is all that I have to get rid of. 

If anyone is interested please send email here or preferably to
so your personal message dont get mixed up with these messages! Hope you
need something

I also have a Driver side fender coming. and a passenger side door with
no insides that I would let go at a good price and also a set of bumpers
but im not sure at all what year that they goto. 
and if someone sweet talks me I may get rid of a rear trunk lid to that I
would like to keep.

Something I AM LOOKING FOR is a rear motor compartment lid. because
someone butchered mine when they tried putting their crappy single carb
thing on. You will see it on my web page if you look at my cars.

Let me know if anyone may just have one laying around. 
If you need something rare or a FI part let me know. There is someone
local here that has massive FI parts!

Cyall l8r

If you want to see my Volkswagens be extremely patient because theres
massive pics and you can also see my butchered lid here and check it out
>From Chris Swafford:www.geocities.com/motorcity/garage/4265/
Netscape navigator 2 will load my PICS in faster. Just a suggestion
537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer
73'Squareback (More than solid) & Rear end problems
68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!

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