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This message I thought I would tell you the good things that has been
happening in my VW life.

I deliver pizza and work at a Donatos pizza in Cincinnati. I drive my
71SB around delivering pizza's and make killer tips (To help extra VW
money) so I been using my 71 alot. Well the other day I was going to work
and guess what? 

Got 5 blocks down the street and the fuel pump went out (Or wasnt pumping
fuel thru the filter.) So i broke down and went thru everything in my VW
stash and found a old Electronic Fuel pump and put on it and she works
fine. RUNNING WORLD WIDE! I was eating lunch one day in my Squareback
sitting in the Krogers parking lot and someone up by Quebec Canada was
hearing me in my VW! With my 200 Watt kicking Cobra 148GTL (CB Stuff) I
came back to him on Channel 36 Lower Sideband and we had alittle
conversation for about 5-10 minutes and my betterhalf at her home was
hearing the same person and was talking to him. So that was pretty cool. 
I love delivering pizza's in my Volkswagen talking on the CB radio. With
my 8 FT Whip on the back! hehe

But Im getting my 73 together and still driving my 71 all over the world
every day! And I mean everyday 365 days a year unless if the fuel pump
goes out! I have mass type 3 parts to I will probably go thru tomorrow
since thats my day off of work and I will make alittle list of some
things Im probably gonna get rid of!

I got my clock working to. You want to know how to get it started if it
dont work?  
I guarentee if your clock dont work try this and you have a 95% chance of
getting it to tick for the first time.

Well there is alittle ticking mechanism like in a real wind up clock you
know so heres what you do
Pop the clock out of the Dash.
See the hot wire on the back? Take is off and on and do this about 4 or 5
times intermittend ly at the same pace to you can get that little arm
inside moving back and forth and when you hear is clicking the 12oclock
has to be up at all times or it will stop.

I took a clock apart and hooked it up to my 12V power supply for my Radio
equipment and stuff and figured this out.

I hope that this helps over 90% of the people on this list get their non
working clocks working again.

Just remember when you unhook your battery you have to do this again!

I love haveing a working clock and I have working clocks in both of my

Cyall L8r. Check my Web

>From Chris Swafford:www.geocities.com/motorcity/garage/4265/
537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer
73'Squareback (More than solid) & Echeck  Skimps Us!
68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!

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