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Re: HELP!!!!stupid brake lines....

> >You didn't say whether you replaced your master cylinder with the 
> >later tandem one at the same time (a worthwhile thing to do.)    If 
> >so, and if your first leak is in one of the two rigid lines that feed 
> >the front brakes, then you would be better off replacing those lines 
> >with ones made to go with the tandem cylinder.  I have good used ones 
> >in stock.  Old rusty lines will often crack if you play with them.

>         I did replace the MC with a tandem set-up. I took the front lines
>         off the donor car- 72-73 square, with Sonny's help(thanks again)
>         cleaned them, and they are in good shape. The outside leak
>         is in the u-turn from the rear port heading back.

Okay, then you just have two leaks in the same line.

> >Replacing the long F-R line is probably my LEAST FAVORITE T3 job of 
> >all time.  It usually takes me 6-8 hours.  You have to remove the 
> >driver's seat and the floor mats.  
>         Is it hard to remove the drivers seat??:(

No, that's the easy part.  The hard part is making the tube 
connection at the back where there is no room to work.  It is clear 
that this job was done at the factory before the body was installed 
on the pan; at that point it would be a piece of cake.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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